We have hiked every trail in the Parc National de la Jacques Cartier, except Le Draveur Nord, and La Croisée, which we attempted a few weeks ago in mid-October. We were treated to the unusual (to us) sight of fall and winter all at the same time. I loved the contrast of colors, and it was so unexpected to be hiking in snow in October. Luckily, the trail was pretty clear in most parts since we didn’t go prepared for such conditions. The trail is basically flat and runs along the river – at least for the first quarter of the trail where we turned around. Due to the snow, the trail was much less visible and there were quite a few areas that had sunk from all the water. I was much slower at finding my footing since I didn’t want to slip. Since we had somewhere to be later that day, we weren’t able to finish this one, but we’ll be back in the spring! 

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