Québec is the third-largest producer of cranberries in the world, behind Massachusetts and Wisconsin, though most of the cranberries produced here eventually end up in the States anyways. Americans, myself included, really love their cranberries!

In early summer, we rented a chalet in Les Escoumins for several nights with Mathieu’s family. Though we had rainy, cold weather almost the entire time, we enjoyed exploring this little section of the Côte Nord. This far up, the water is salty and one can observe the rise and fall of the tides. It almost felt like we were at the sea, instead of just on the St. Lawrence river.

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Québec’s most well-known specialty, besides maple syrup, is probably poutine. It’s extraordinarily important to people here, as snack foods often are, and the discussion of where to find the best poutine will inevitably spark a lively debate. Everyone’s got their favorite. Of course there are endless ways to customize your poutine, but the classic trio of fries, gravy and cheese curds is pretty hard to beat, in my opinion.

We have hiked every trail in the Parc National de la Jacques Cartier, except Le Draveur Nord, and La Croisée, which we attempted a few weeks ago in mid-October. We were treated to the unusual (to us) sight of fall and winter all at the same time.