We’re now heading directly (and much too quickly) into the days of less sunlight, more rain and cooler temperatures. Any last shred of hope that this glorious, summer weather would continue on through September was quickly turned to dust this past weekend, as the truth became glaringly evident. It’s autumn. Funny how quickly you become aware of the weather when you’re sleeping outside… It’s hard to stay in denial when the only thing protecting you from the elements is a thin piece of fabric. And actually, I really do like autumn. Or at least I used to, before it became the only thing separating me from 5 months of Québécois winter. So in order to cope, I’m going to try to get the most out of this short season by focusing on my favorite parts. Colorful landscapes, crisp air, and lots of baked goods. We’ll also squeeze in one last camping trip in order to spend some quality time in the forest while the leaves are changing.

I took this photo of Waber Falls last Sunday, during our first canoe camping trip. As you can see, the leaves are just starting to change. The best part about this beautiful spot, is that it’s only accessible by canoe, after which there’s a hike of about 4 kilometers. It’s definitely worth the effort to get there! I think it’s probably the prettiest waterfall I’ve seen in Québec so far.

Waber Falls in Parc de la Mauricie

I’ll be back soon with more stories of our summer adventures!

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