At the start of every new season I always declare, “I just love (name any season)!” And I really mean it. Maybe it’s a photographer thing, but I’m fairly obsessed with the changing of the seasons and weather. Every time of year is beautiful in its own way and should be celebrated. Yes, even winter. So right now it’s fall, and I just love fall! The way the colors can completely transform a familiar view into something spectacular amazes me year… Read more »

Québec is the third-largest producer of cranberries in the world, behind Massachusetts and Wisconsin, though most of the cranberries produced here eventually end up in the States anyways. Americans, myself included, really love their cranberries!

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The Jean Larose Falls, a series of 3 drops totaling 70 meters, are quite beautiful and definitely worth the 400-stair climb. However, I think the trail leading up to the falls is one of the prettiest spots I’ve seen in all of Québec so far.

We took one last camping trip at the end of September in the Parc de la Jacques Cartier. The leaves were just starting to turn, and the temperatures were decidedly fall-like. Our first morning we had quite a surprise, when a huge male moose wandered right down the side of our campsite!

We’re now heading directly (and much too quickly) into the days of less sunlight, more rain and cooler temperatures. Any last shred of hope that this glorious, summer weather would continue on through September was quickly turned to dust this past weekend, as the truth became glaringly evident.