At the start of every new season I always declare, “I just love (name any season)!” And I really mean it. Maybe it’s a photographer thing, but I’m fairly obsessed with the changing of the seasons and weather. Every time of year is beautiful in its own way and should be celebrated. Yes, even winter. So right now it’s fall, and I just love fall! The way the colors can completely transform a familiar view into something spectacular amazes me year… Read more »

When asked for recommendations of things to see in Québec, nearly everyone consulted has mentioned either the Saguenay fjord or Gaspésie. Both are worthy of rave reviews, however, they are a bit too far from Québec City for a weekend camping trip. So, being eager to get out and explore in the warm weather, we decided to check out the Parc National du Bic for a little camping and hiking. Before leaving, we were surprised to find that many Québécois hadn’t even heard… Read more »

Even though I am wandering through the Ukrainian Carpathians at the moment, I have not forgotten you, dear readers. If all goes according to our nearly nonexistent plan, the next few days will be spent hiking through bucolic villages, taking in the mountain scenery and hopefully eating well. This photo was taken just a couple weeks ago back in Belgium, in the midst of a very welcome heat wave. It got all the way up to 30 C (86 F)!… Read more »